Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Morning

Well, here's what I found when I went into Dean's room this morning. I sat the Sam's size package of diapers by his bed intending to put them away the night before. Well, I forgot. So Dean was so "helpful" and unpacked them all for me.
This was the easiest mess to clean up. I am still cleaning some of Dean's other messes from earlier in the week. I tallied about $15 worth of juice and milk he has poured out in the last few days now that he can open the fridge. This diaper mess made me laugh hard, the milk and juice messes all over my kitchen floor and cabinets....not so much.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Trey was on vacation from his job this week. He called it a stay-cation because we stayed in town. It has been wonderful! We took the kids to Frontier Texas on Monday. It was all of our first time. It is too old for the kids, but it was a wonderful day anyway.

Tuesday we went for our first visit to our bounce house place in town. 30 seconds into it, my 2 year old got trapped inside one of the bigger bounce houses. Truly trapped. It took me 3 attempts to pull him out from the suffocating wedge he was in. It was really scarry. (When I told another mom about this, she said she had heard of that happening a couple other times on that same bounce house. Yikes!) While I was pulling him, my foot was unknowingly on top of my daughter's foot. So I had two screaming kiddos that I was trying to get out of a bounce house. Both kids were fine after a good cry. Then they ran and jumped till they could go no more.

On another day we were invited to eat with some very special people. James and Ruby are special family friends of ours. They filled us with burgers, beans and chocolate pie - and insisted that we take the pie home - yum,yum!

Throughout the week Trey and Evan watched clips from Star Wars movies. Well, we had no idea that an animated version was in the theaters. Anyway, the two of them went to go see that, and we all enjoyed a Star Wars happy meal.

I am so glad Trey's boss talked him into taking time off. Now we feel rested and ready for the kids school to start.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Gold! Silver!

Our girls finished on top! I have had so much fun this week watching the olympics. It has been so fun staying up late cheering them on (as though they can hear me). Ladies gymnastics has been a huge favorite of mine for years. I have been following these girls the past couple years. I would get so nervous watching them compete. I was personally rooting for Shawn Johnson, I wanted her with the gold so bad. I teared up watching her tear up last night. But I am so proud of these two girls! Way to go USA!

We have never had a "girlfriend" talk with Evan before. But he picked out Nastia as his girlfriend as soon as he saw her on prelim night. Then when he saw Shawn on tv, Evan turned to Trey and said, "Daddy, How many girl friends can I have? I'd like to have two." So both Evan's "girlfriends" won. He says he'd like to take them both out for a root beer. Good luck buddy.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The following is from today's verse from Quite often I feel the verses were chosen just for me. Today was no exception:

VERSE: When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her [the woman caught in adultery]." -- John 8:7

THOUGHT: When we find it easy to identify the sin of others, God wants us to be reminded of how important it is for us to take a rigorously honest inventory of our own faithfulness. He wants us to deal with our own sin before we evaluate anyone else.

PRAYER: Forgive me, Father God, for my sins. Forgive me, especially Father, for the sin of a critical and judgmental spirit. Deliver me from such hurtful and evil habits, forgive me of my sins, and please bless me with faithfulness. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


This week we have my nephew. He and my son are both five. Although, they are very different from one another, they are extremely close friends. It has been so fun through the years to watch their playing turn to friendship. My nephew is going to kindergarten in the fall, but my son will not. So we wanted to get them together one last time before their days are ruled by the school calendar. We decided to wait a year for Evan to start kindergarten. I hated to make the decision. We went back and forth for almost a year, struggling over many valid points. We made the decision when he was three, but now that the time has come that he could go, I'm not at peace with the choice we made. I fear that since we are holding him back, the close relationship Evan has with both his 5 year old cousins will disappear because of the separation of a grade. The thought of this really makes me sad, I tear up as I write this. That reason might not make sense to anyone else, but it's a very saddening thought for me.

Then again, I would not be at peace if we had decided to send him as a very young 5 year old. I would fear his lacking self-control would be a distraction to he and his class mates. We want to make the best decisions for him, but it is so hard - so stinking hard.

So for now, I will help Evan and his cousin have a great week. And I will pray for peace.