Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Monday, July 30, 2007


We got to spend the weekend at my sister's place in Kerrville for my nephew's 2nd birthday. We went to a place called Up-n-Jack's. It is a place full of inflatable entertainment. These pictures do not show it off at all....Because I was way too busy sliding, climbing, and laughing to be on camera duty. I wish we had one of these in my town. This place has been open a couple of months - I wish them many happy years in business. It was big family entertainment!

Evan is at the top getting ready to slide down. He had gone through an obstacle coarse to make it to this point. Whee!


It tickles me that my daughter insists on everything pink. I even started her out in life with a red nursery - I guess hoping she would like my favorite color. No way! She must have pink! Purple is a close second - and everything else is not ok.
So I became a very cool mom when I brought home these pink boots for her. She has twirled and stomped all over the house. I love Target clearance deals -$7!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last year after VBS, Evan got mouth, hand, and foot disease. That was a miserable experience to watch my sweet boy suffer through. He was tortured with multiple ulcers in his mouth over and over again. They would appear 20-40 at a time. By God's grace no one else caught it. This year after VBS, Evan and his cousin Jack caught fifth's disease. (I would take this one any day over last year's disease.) It starts with red cheeks and a mild fever. Then it becomes a rash. Except for the mild fever, the kid never notices a thing. Andie came down with it as well - I didn't even notice fever, just the non-irritating rash. I thought Dean was taking his turn with fifth's disease. But he had a very high fever of 103.3 and he was covered in red dots. So after a Dr's visit, we discover he has roseola. What a diseased household I have!!! Hopefully we are making immune systems of steel !!
I do admit I need to encourage better hand washing practices. I never ask them to wash their hands before they eat - I always wipe them down after they eat though. But they have to be covered in dirt and sidewalk chalk for me to even think of cleaning them up. I guess I'm thinking they are just going to get messy during the meal - so just wait and clean up after. Anyway, I will say I don't let them touch a thing in a public restroom - i am a freak about that.

Everyone is on the road to recovery now. The two youngest still have their rashes, but they are not contagious at this point.