Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Growing Boy

My oldest is growing up. Several milestones occurred the last few days. Today, we enrolled Evan in kindergarten. We had a great time meeting some of the teachers and the principal. Evan's grandpa, Papa, taught at this school for several years. Trey, his siblings, and many other relatives have attended and worked at this school district. Evan doesn't know all that - so he was absolutely floored when the principal greeted him by name as we walked in the door. Evan enjoyed the special attention. He loved the "test" they put him through. He also received cookies and juice, and a bag of books - he cannot wait to go back!! We are excited for Evan, he loves to learn, and is very ready for school. No saddness yet from this momma. We'll see how I feel when the fall comes.

Evan mastered riding his bike without training wheels this week. Lack of confidence was holding him back, but once confidence caught up with his ability, Watch out! He's a bike riding machine! What joy it brings me to see him master this challenge!

He lost another tooth. We have not got to see him with the cute little no-tooth-gap that most kiddos have when they loose a tooth. His two bottom teeth grew in right behind the baby teeth. So when the baby tooth fell out, it's replacement was fully visible.

I tried to snap a picture of Evan today to add to this post, but he wanted no part of that. So a recent picture of Evan with two good buddies will do.

I love how Evan loves life, how excited he gets about any and everything. Oh, here's something some of you will like: When asked if he was going to be a Jim Ned Indian, Evan replied,"Ummm, no, I'm gonna be a Jim Ned Jedi."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Autism Speaks Walk at the Zoo

The kids and I attended the Autism Speaks walk at the zoo last Saturday. It is our second year to attend. Evan's friends Kade and Konner are twin brothers. We attend the walk in support of Konner and his family. Evan and Kade are in pre-K together this year. Most all the boys, if not all of them are super crazy about Star Wars. So it was an extra special feature to have Star Wars caracters at the walk. These guys came from a galaxy far far away in Houston, TX. In this picture this guy is letting Konner wear his helmet. He wanted to do something really cool for Konner, which was really cool, but it so didn't stop with Konner. Almost every kid present took their turn trying on the helmet.
This is Andie checking out the stormtrooper. She kept patting and rubbing his leg. It took me a little bit to get through the crowd to rescue the stormtrooper from my admiring girl.

Here is the gang. Five of these guys are in pre-K together. Konner is on the far right, with Kade and his light saber right beside him. You might see the top of Dean's head beside Evan. He is still staring at the stormtrooper in amazement.