Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Memorial Weekend

It has been a tradition to spend Memorial weekend at my parents cabin. This year, it was the weekend after, but the fun and relaxation was the same. Pictured is Andie with my dad, Grandave. He has worked incredibly hard to make his cabin a wonderful mountain retreat. I know it brings him tons of joy to watch his grandkids enjoy the place.
Here are the boys doing one of their favorite activities. Over and over they would ride on the truck down the ramp trying to lauch them selves as far as they could.
Other favorite activities:
Playing Star Wars with PVC pipe light sabers and forts made from limbs
Walking in the ice cold creek
discovering what floats in the creek
rides on grandave's 4 wheeler
& we always love my mom's cookin'

Andie was feeling left out watching all the boys play with their trucks, so daddy came up with an awesome alternative for his girl. Wheel barrow racing!

We had a really scarry event happen involving Dean and the creek. Dean was playing on a large rock that was on the egde of the creek. Hunched over with his back to the creek, he fell in the creek backwards. He could have stood up, but he was too shocked to know what was going on. Trey ran over as fast as he could to fish Dean out. It was a very scarry event that left my chest hurting for hours. Apprently I screamed very loud, as my mom came running from the cabin with a towel. Dean will say, "I fell in the big water. I was scarred. It was cold. I fell in the biiiiig water." I think many kids would have steered clear of the stream, but here is Dean the very next day having a great time.
Always wish we could stay longer and can't wait for the next time.