Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Trey and I went to the Spurs vs. Celtics game in San Antonio! Exciting Fun! My voice hurts, feet hurt, and hands even hurt from clapping - great fun! Both of our first NBA game. I loved how excited my smack talking husband was. He was the best coach from the nose bleed section.
Us on the riverwalk before the game. This is our first real vacation since our honeymoon! We can't wait to have another one in the very near future.
We made many stops along the way. Great shopping and food in Brady and Fredericksburg. We stopped at the Cowboy Capitol of the World - Bandera, TX. Trey really wanted us to go to Lukenbach, just to say we went. It was so worth it! A little place all because of a song. We even got a t-shirt. Go check it out for yourselves!
An amazing chocolate store in Fredericksburg called Chocolat (pretty sure they leave off the "e"). These were my indulgences. The two on the far right tied for 1st place. Orange on top, and coconut joy on the bottom right are worth the trip itself. Wow!! Trey tried their specialty, chocolate with liqueur centers. He decided Tennessee Whiskey had the strongest kick. It had him singin dueling banjo's.

We are now back home, and back with kids......and dreaming of our next trip. He says Ft.Davis......I say The Sequoia Forest.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday and Easter

Happy Birthday Husband! My old man turned 37 yesterday. I met him a couple days before he turned 30 on a plane to Peru. What a fun, blessed, and tiring 8 years we have had! We went to his parents to eat cake, then went and walked around our ranch and fed the cows and such. Trey and I are going to watch the San Antonio Spurs play the Celtics on Monday night for his birthday - with no kids!
Today I got to watch Evan and Andie easter egg hunt at YCW. The kids informed me this morning that Easter is just as good as Christmas.
Andie's class just after the hunt.
Evan filling up his basket.... a little too well. He was suppost to only collect 12 eggs. I heard him count up to 9. Then he found the "jack pot" area that had at least 20 eggs. In his excitable mind, all bets were off, no more counting - he just filled his basket as quick as he could till it overflowed. I could tell he took it hard when he realized what he had done, he didn't mean to break the rules. Love you buddy!
Notice his hair. Trey's dad took Evan for his first visit to the barber. Evan loved the whole thing. He especially loved the barber's chair and how the foot bar moved it up and down. He also likes that the flat top makes him look taller.
Evan's class just after the hunt in the bright sun.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bunk, not bump, Bed

For over a year I have been looking for bunk beds. I have looked off and on over the internet. I found this bed several months ago, but there was no rush. I just thought it was a good idea - the stairs and all. Well, I discovered a few days ago that Evan has out grown his Thomas the Train toddler bed. So feeling pressure, I went to every furniture store in town. I must give a plug for Ashley furniture store. I had been to at least eight stores before them. Their showroom is beautiful, and they had an area for kids to sit play video games and eat cookies while I made decisions. And they had the best sales lady, Pam. I wish Evan had liked one of their beds. Anyway, he was very set on this one. I love the stairs for safety, he just thinks they are cool. Plus! We got free mattresses and free shipping for ordering by today. I'll let you know how they work out.

Referring to the bunk bed, Andie told Trey, "Daddy don't worry, the bed won't bump you, just me." Confused, Trey asks her to repeat what she is trying to say. She says the same thing. Trey tells her, "Andie it's called a bunk bed, not bump bed." Andie's face drops, she starts shaking her head looking devastated. She tells her daddy that "mommy say it's a bump bed, mommy say it's a bump bed." So I annunciate and spell out the two words and try to clear up the confusion. The poor girl starts tearing up, and refuses to let us console her. She really thought we were getting her a bed that would bump her around. After Trey put these words in her head, Andie came to tell me "I don't like bait and switch, Mommy."