Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Much going on

Two weeks ago we added a new member to our family. This sweet puppy won our hearts over. She was rescued from an abondoned apartment. She was caught in a broken glass table with her legs suspended in the air for 3 days. She had hip fractures and abdominal and inner thigh lacerations - with a horrible infection to go with it. Her eyes won the hearts of ladies at the vet. They are a beautiful bright blue. She was given incredible care, and made an amazing recovery. We got her two weeks into her recovery. Just yesterday we noticed all of her cuts have healed!
It's our job to get some weight on her. Dean is always following her around the yard holding her food and water bowls saying "eat, eat". Andie loves to feed her one piece of food at a time. And Evan is proud to announce to everyone that "We have our first puppy!" Her name is Millie.
Last weekend we went to my nephew's 5th birthday party. We celebrated at Up-n-Jack's , which is always great fun! Happy Birthday Jack Cinco!
My dad, Grandave, holding his newest grandson, Sean Apel. He is my sister's 3rd boy. He is very cute, but is not letting my sister sleep. I have to giggle that my daughter includes in her prayers for God to help baby Sean stop crying.
I have to include a picture of my painting project. I have long awaited the chance to paint this room. When we moved in 2 1/2 years ago, I removed the nasty wallpaper, but we had to have a working toilet, so that was all that got done. We ran into somes snags trying to get this room complete, but the time came when I could start painting last week. I chose a dark shade of green - but my husband strongly hated the color. It wasn't what I hoped it would be either, but I had worked so hard, so I was crushed to hear his opinion. My friend Lindi came to the rescue. We made a late night trip to Lowes to pick a new texture and paint color. I was up till midnight that night changing it all. Then, Trey took his turn and finished up while I was out of town. Lindi helped me pick out some material to dress up the window. Can't wait for that to be done!! Thanks Lindi!!