Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Andie loved the idea of giving these PJ's to all the ladies in the family.

I was just looking through all the blogs I used to enjoy reading.....I haven't looked at blogs in forever. My time on the computer is minimal at best these days. When I am on, I just look at facebook. I was amused to see how most of my regular blogs were as neglected as mine. So I did this quick post to at least throw a new picture up. My whole family is doing great. We just celebrated one year of counrty living and took our first real family vacation. I started working in labor in delivery again - just about one day a week. We are doing well, and hope all of you are as well!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

playing catch-up

My computer will not let me write right now. Her are a few pictures of the house. More updates to come.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I am attempting to blog from my iPhone. Just wanted to leave a quick note about my blogging absence. We do not have computer set up yet at our new place. So that will keep me from posting for a bit. We are doing good. The kids and I are in Albuquerque enjoying my family. But sad that Trey and our new puppy are not with us. I did mention Trey first, notice. But I wanted to write a quick post for those who have been asking for house pictures. I'll get them up as soon as technology let's me.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


OK, so we won't end up closing this Friday, but next week is soon enough. Here is my kitchen island that was rocked yesterday. I jumped up and down for a long time after seeing this. I love progress! You can also see my bamboo floor that is just begging to be cleaned. I also have to say that I think the paint color is very altered in this shot. So ignore the paint, or picture it more golden yellow than what it looks like.
Here is what is dark in the background in the above picture. My pretty backsplash. And even though it's not pretty right now. All those boxes hold my new appliances. My husband sold many cows to get those boxes here. Oh, how I can hardly wait to put them to use.
An even closer shot - see my pretty red sink - it's pretty even though it's covered in construction dust.

After so much wet, cold weather - today was such a treat. The warm sun felt so good. All five of us hung out around the house all afternoon. While the kids spent a lot of time just playing and running around, I had to smile everytime I looked up to see one of them pushing a broom of their own will, trying to get the house cleaned up. These kids have been such amazing troopers through this long time of transition. I hope country living is all they have dreamed it up to be.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Happy Anniversary!


Eight years ago we married in Lubbock, TX at Broadway Church of Christ.We met on our way to Peru for a medical mission trip. Our last names were next to each other alphabetically. So our plane tickets were next to one another's. I love the way God had us meet. I knew within two weeks we would marry.
I have always loved to walk into my husband's pharmacy and listen to him interact with customer's & co-workers. Before we had kids I would meet him for lunch at his pharmacy. I would just watch and listen around the corner for several minutes before he knew I was there. I love how good and kind and fun he is with people. People from all walks of life.

I love what a fun dad and uncle he is. The stuff he comes up with is hilarious!

Just before we left for Peru, Trey had just bought his ranch . His dream was to raise cattle and one day build a house. Nine years later, I am happy to see his vision coming true. He has had cattle on the place all along, but the quality has greatly improved to something he takes great pride in. And in about two weeks, construction on our home will be complete. I know this all means so much to him - but knowing this - makes it touching to me that he was willing to let us live wherever I needed us to. It took some time for me to adjust to the idea of living so far out of town. He never pressed, just waited for me to fall in love with the place he knew all his life.

I love this man. It is a privilege to take care of him and our family. My cup overflows.....

Looking forward to many, many more years with the man I call "Husband."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We've got a closing date!

We locked in at 5% and are looking to close Feb 19th - Yippee! Pictured above is the start of our entrance. The cattle guard has been placed and posts set. You can follow the road and see how it curves off to the left. When you make that turn you will see this.....
Our front porch! Progress is a nice thing. We are so happy with how the house is looking. The columns were just painted today. Hopefully the new paint job holds up to the rain we've got coming. The painters are going to stain the front doors and the large beam as soon as the weather allows.
The dining room. Trey cut the planks that line the ceiling - didn't he do good?!
Master bedroom.
Here is our carpenter, Ricky, putting up a beam in Trey's office. The space underneath the beam is the future home of Trey's gun safe. It's all coming along. Hope to have you all over soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holidays and Progress

I got to finally meet Celeste's baby girl just before she turned 5 months old. Oh! She is so precious! I felt like I could hang out with her all day and soak in all her expressions and noises and cuteness. I loved her before I knew her. I am so thankful Noel and Celeste were blessed with Scottlyn - what a precious gift!

By the way, my whole family was in Albuquerque for Christmas. I got to meet Scottlyn the day after Christmas. We had a wonderful time with my family. I took a lot of great pictures - but on my dad's camera, so I'll have to wait till he sends them to me to post 'em.
Here is one for all of you asking for pictures....the front door. Picture it stained, with trim work around it, and a window above it.
My pictures are in random order - But here are my kids after opening their Christmas gift from their great-grandparents. They were all so excited to open their mud boots and matching rain coats. They quickly got dressed then went outside in hopes of finding a rain or mud puddle. There were none that day. But they have put them to use every day since!
And here we are back to the house.... This particular day, the cabinets were being installed. This will be Andie's vanity. It will be painted white, and the walls purple. The kids have a jack & jill bath, but I turned her vanity to face into her room. Hopefully this helps reduce fights over the bathroom in the future.
Here is the start of the kitchen cabinetry. It is starting to feel more real now. Still a lot to be done, and we're still not sure when it will be done. But it is always fun to see progress. After what was at least a full year of researching and pricing appliances - I finally ordered appliances today. And my pretty red kitchen sink, too! Can't wait!