Proud Parents

I am a happy wife with a loving husband. I have three adorable, sweet, and energetic children. Our intention with each day is to serve the Lord. Our blessings are numerous.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School Pictures and Thankgiving Feast

Evan and Andie got to share in a Thanksgiving Feast with all of their classmates today. Dean and I got to watch their special meals. I know the teachers put in a lot of work to make the time special. The pictures aren't in order. Andie's meal was first, then Evan's.
After watching Andie's class, it was sweet to see the maturity progression when I watched Evan enjoy his Thanksgiving Feast in his 4's class. As their teacher explained the meal to the kids, she asked them to pray. She became choked up telling them that they are sitting so close that they could hold hands while they prayed. She then asked who would pray. My son raised his hand and loudly said that he would. I expected the routine/memorized prayer he says before our meals at home. But it was different and so perfectly sweet. Now I was choked up.
Indian Evan, aka, "Jumping Dog" proudly modeling his Indian attire. Happy Thanksgiving!
Andie and some of her classmates wearing their pilgrim hats. The boys wore Indian headresses. Dessert was clearly the favorite part of their Thanksgiving feast. They used the snack chip, bugles. Then put white icing inside to attach Trix cereal to the bugel. That made a very cute mini cornicopia!

Evan's 4 year old school picture.

Andie's school picture. She is now 3, but is in the old 2's class.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas Tree

We have not put up a Christmas Tree the last few years due to: 1) no space in our home and
2) I didn't want to constantly tell the kids "no" & "stop". Well, we decided the older two kids are old enough to enjoy everything to do with the season and have enough self control to not break every decoration. We found the perfect idea for our home. A tree that fits in a corner, or a fourth of a tree. Perfect for tight spaces. Trey and I set it up soon after it arrived. The kids reaction warmed our hearts when they woke the next morning. I held Evan and Andie's hand and brought them to the living room. They gasped and oohed and ahhed. Then Andie said quietly, "Christmas", like something truly profound had taken place. Evan gripped my hand tight and leaned into me and said very seriously, "momma, go get my daddy. He has got to see this." This was only the prelit tree - no decorations or anything. We had some great family time that day getting the decorations out and letting the kids create a masterpiece. We took them shopping this evening so they could each pick out one ornament themselves. I love parenting moments such as what I experienced tonight. The kids loved going through the isles of Christmas decor. I would love for each person that created the decorations at Lowes to have witnessed my kids reaction. I look forward to the upcoming weeks.

Couples Retreat

This weekend Trey & I and 18 other couples from our Bible class went to Lake Brownwood for our 1st annual couples retreat. It was such a good time! We have a huge Bible class. I knew who a lot of the couples were, but didn't know them. So this was a perfect setting to get to know other people. Removing kids from the situation certainly helps. Friday night started off with ballroom dancing. We had a professional instructor from Abilene join us out there. She taught us the Rumba and the Swing. She was so fun! Trey absolutely cracked me up. We've even talked about taking some more lessons.....anyone want to join us?